LWVKA Tax Attitude Group


The LWVKA’s Tax Attitude Group (TAG) reflects the League’s core belief in the value of governments and the services they offer. Following years of public discourse on the high rate of taxes and the need to reduce taxes, the League is concerned that the public may be losing sight of the positive contributions of governments to our lives.

The first effort of TAG was to design and develop a series of postcards that League members throughout the state used to communicate with legislators about the services of the state government and the need for adequate funding.

TAG then developed a series of slogans (modeled on the historical Burma Shave roadside signs) designed to convey our views on the importance of governments in our lives.

Click here to read how one TAG member explains why government is so important to all of us.

The Michigan League of Human Services has produced a wonderful graphic that serves as a quick reminder of what our taxes provide.  Click here to view the “Upside of Taxes.”