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Thinking about Waste

Are you familiar with the term “government waste”?  What does it really mean?  More importantly, have you ever thought about waste in connection with any human endeavor?

It is difficult to imagine a home without waste.  Whether it is wasted food, wasted time, or wasted energy, it is still waste.  Anyone who has worked in a business for any length of time can also assure you that there is waste in business.  That may be in the form of unproductive meetings, printed materials that end up in recycling bins, product initiatives that fail, seminars without value, or bad investments.  Whatever its form, it is still waste.

Sure, there is waste in government.  It is government by the people, for heaven’s sake.  People are not infallible.  The systems they create and operate are also not infallible. 

Understanding such shortcomings could serve as inspiration to improve them.  It should not be used to justify eliminating them or replacing them with other systems that are subject to yet another different set of human shortcomings.