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League of Women Voters Program Areas/Positions


National Program

Michigan Program

Kalamazoo Program

Representative Government

Voting Rights

Citizen’s Right to Vote, DC Self-Government & Voting Rights

Election Process

Apportionment, Campaign Finance, Selection of the President

Citizen’s Rights

Right to Know / Participation, Individual Liberties, Reproductive Choice

Congress and the Presidency

Congress, Presidency



Election Laws

Intergovernmental Relations within Michigan

Taxation & Budgeting

Providing Gov’t Services in Kalamazoo County

Financing Local Government Services

Library Services & Governance

Local Government Election Process

Social Policy

Equal Opportunity 

Education, Employment, Non-discrimination, Pay equity, Housing, Rights

Federal Role in Public Education
Fiscal Policy
Health Care
Meeting Basic Human Needs

Income, housing, transportation

Child Care
Children at Risk
Violence Prevention
Gun Policy
Urban Policy
Death Penalty
Sentencing Policy

Children & Youth

Education: Structure, Finance & Goals

Teacher Certification

Public School Academies

Health Care

Social Services System

Public Libraries




International Relations

United Nations
U.S. Relations with Developing Countries
Arms Control
Military Policy & Defense Spending



Natural Resources

Resource Management
Environmental Protection & Pollution Control

Air quality, energy, land use, water, waste mgt, nuclear issues

Public Participation
Agriculture Policy

Great Lakes Eco-System

Land Use


Solid Waste Management

Concentrated animal feeding operations

Land Use Planning

Parks & Recreation

Management of the Kalamazoo River

Preservation of Natural Areas





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